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We are an international, unique, and dedicated boutique-cruises-site that includes: full vessels and private cabins charters in small and medium-sized vessels, in a wide range of destinations, accompanied by a professional crew and from a big range of prices.

Our big database gives customers the ability to find and order from a large vessels types (traditional boats, yachts, sailboats and more) and sizes online. We offer you a unique product.

We also offers a big variety of boutique sailing vacations accompanied by different activities where you can engage in while cruising, and themed cruises: such as expeditions, diving, yoga, SUP, bicycle, hiking etc.

Furthermore, we offer all kinds of business events and romantic vacations on boutique cruises. Interesting for bigger groups would be the possibility to sail in a naval flotilla and enjoy a 5-star-service.

With over 6500 cruises (numbers continuously growing), our database gives our customers the ability to find and order from a large variety and sizes of different vessels over the internet, all around the globe.

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