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Hazzle free phone communication


Drimsim is the first universal SIM card and free app for travelers. Drimsim is a real SIM card. You can insert it into your phone, tablet or router. The difference is that it is not tied to an operator. As your plane lands in a new country, Drimsim is immediately ready for work.
Drimsim operates in 229 countries, provides stable communication, a fast Internet and prices almost like local operators.
You can call your friends, and they can call you. You can chat, post photos, make routes and not be afraid that you will spend all your money on roaming.
We negotiate directly with the operators. Therefore, Drimsim is cheaper than roaming and SIM cards from other providers.
We provide an app to help you keep track of your expenses. The balance can be refilled manually or by autopayment.



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Tours and activities

Tours and activities


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