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We created this web site for all that loves traveling. Surf around any time and get ideas for your next trip or simply to have a travel dream. Once you are ready to go we think that this web page can offer you the right adventure that you will like to enhance your travel stay. Please come back frequently since we work hard to update you with new adventures.
We are not dependent on big travel companies so we can offer a huge amount of different services.

Who We Are?

Discover4travel.com is managed by Orestone Group Co Ltd. Our office is located just outside Pattaya City in Thailand. We also manage a wide range of other web site services, see at the bottom of this page. Welcome for a visit – we offer FREE services.

How Discover4travel.com work?

Plan your trip – book flight and hotel. Choose one or more adventure in the city you travel to. Hundreds of great experiences to choose from all over the world.
You can also surf around to learn more about the world and all the exciting tours we can offer. Almost like doing the trip but much cheaper.

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